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Meghan Markle & The Palace

Meghan Markle & The Palace

So it was announced this week that Meghan Markle would be leaving Suits after seven seasons. So you know what that means…

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Listen, even if she’s not leaving the show to get married, I don’t care. In my mind (head canon), a proposal is imminent. Don’t get me wrong. I like Suits. Personally, I think Mike, the main character, is the epitome of white privilege, and if he were a black man, 1) nobody would have ever hired him, good memory or not and 2) they would’ve buried this man under the jail by now. Honestly, I was only watching for Harvey and Donna (#TeamDorvey) and Jessica Pearson, who is played by the incomparable Gina Torres and getting her own spin-off show next year. So, Meghan leaving the show doesn’t upset me at all. Plus, she’s got to get ready to take over Buckingham Palace.

I’m not going to lie, I don’t know Meghan Markle. Let me keep it 100, if I hadn’t been watching Suits, I would’ve never known that she existed, but that’s okay. Why? Because...

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She’s about to marry a Prince of England, Harry. Let’s not forget that Harry is known as the playboy, “wild” one in the family, and he has been tamed by a Black woman. And folks are pissed about it. A Black Woman marrying their precious Ginger Prince? A Black Woman meeting the Queen of England? A Black AMERICAN Woman potentially as the Future Queen of England, if God forbid something bad were to happen to Kate and William and their fifty-’leven kids?! BE MAD because it’s happening. .

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I’ve already seen articles comparing her to Pippa Middleton and asking if she can live in Kate Middleton’s shadow. I’ve also seen articles that say that Meghan is only as black as Barack Obama considering that she’s bi-racial (half Black, half White). Listen, she is her own woman with her own career. She comes from a loving home and has a close relationship with her parents. Furthermore, what these articles fail to acknowledge is that she’s very open about her race and how she acknowledges and loves both sides of her racial identity. She’s not shy about who she is and where she comes from, and I think that’s important because people are going to lose their minds when this proposal inevitably happens.

She’s going to have a lot of people looking at her and ready to blame her for any little thing that goes wrong. She’s going to be scrutinized and picked apart just because there are millions of people (literally) who don’t think that she is from the right pedigree. It’s going to be rough, and at times, I’m sure it’s going to suck. (It’s honestly the life of an average black girl, but just on a global scale). However, I believe in her, and I don’t have to know her personally to feel that way. Why? Because she’s a black woman, and I’m sure she had some real ass conversations with her mother before deciding to dive first in this relationship. Nobody is better to equip a woman to understand the complexities, hardships, and triumphs of marriage than your own mother. So trust, they’ve had some long nights and even longer conversations talking about this, and if she’s made it this far where marriage is a real possibility, then she’s got it together. They’ve come up with a game plan, and they’re ready for this. This ain’t no pushover walking into England’s royal gates, and I’m here for it.

I know that she is more than just a future wife to a Prince and a spot in the royal succession. I know this. I also know that I’m talking like I know her personally, but don’t judge me. I just want to see black women live their best lives! And okay yes, the petty side of me can’t wait to see how a black woman shake shit up in Buckingham Place because with great power comes the great responsibility to shake the table! I’m excited for Princess Meghan, Dutchess Meghan, Countess Meghan, whatever. (Hell, I don’t know royal titles, I’m just excited). Get it girl!!

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