Ghosting for Self Care

I ghost to save my time and my sanity.

I’m Done With My Brother

The moment I realized my biological brother wouldn’t be the one that I called if I needed help, I knew things had shifted.

Shutting the fuck up is free: On XXXTenacion and black women’s survival

I don’t like to speak ill of the dead, but I also believe in calling a spade, a spade. A person’s sins in life are NOT completely absolved or forgotten after death.

On Oprah 2020

White people believe Oprah has a moral obligation and/or a patriotic duty to fix the things that they have helped to fuck up in this country. My response to this is simple: go fuck yourself.

Refusing to Date Illiterate Men Does Not Make You A Bitch

Is it so hard to ask men to know the difference between ‘to’ and ‘too’?

Leave the Duchess of Sussex TF Alone

Let’s get one thing clear — Meghan Markle has autonomy to do and say whatever the fuck the wants. Period. Full stop.