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Leave the Duchess of Sussex TF alone

Leave the Duchess of Sussex TF alone

Let’s start with what’s not astonishing about the blatantly racist and prejudice online vitriol about the Duchess of Sussex — that when a biracial woman married into the royal family, that she, like any other person of color assuming a “higher status” in society, would be the target of online harassment by trolls from everywhere — mainly white men.

What is more astonishing, at least to me, is how members of British and American media have blatantly attacked the Duchess, with no regard for her humanity.

Members of the media are obsessed with Meghan Markle — from what she wears, to whom she speaks, to what panels she sits on, her weight, the jobs she’s held. Even her cradling her baby bump. They’ve attacked her mother, the royal family, her estrangement from her father’s side of the family, her divorce.

These persistent racist and sexist attacks on her are sickening. Each of these stories have questioned her “suitability” as a woman of color to exist and have autonomy in a white institution. As NPR points out, from stories talking about her “exotic DNA” to her being “Straight Outta Compton,” these stories all exist to codify the racism and prejudice each author holds against Black and brown people.

All of the disturbing and racist coverage of the Duchess of Sussex is set out to do one thing — cast her out as the “other,” the Black woman who doesn’t belong.

Let’s get one thing clear — Meghan Markle has autonomy to do and say whatever the fuck the wants. Period. Full stop.

If she doesn’t want to see or speak to her father, who on more than one occasion has proven he’s unworthy of his daughter’s affection, she has the right to do that.

If she doesn’t want to speak or see her delusional half sister, she has every right to do that.

If she doesn’t want to fuck with Piers Morgan, because well, he’s a terrible person, then she has that right.

If she wants to hold hands with her husband, well golly gee wow, she can fucking do that.

Honestly, it’s old and tired. The Duchess of Sussex is a grown ass woman, with a grown ass husband, and has grown ass things to do. We are not entitled to the Duchess’ life, going’s on, it anything else she decides to do. Yet, the media would have you believe they have every right to the “not British enough” actress. News flash: she’s fucking American.

The attacks on Markle are blatantly racist, sexist, targeted and cruel. The media and her family have bullied her to the point where it had become obsessive and insane.

The criticism of the Duchess has to stop. And what’s more, leave her alone altogether. There are actually really important things to cover going on in the world - like food insecurity, human trafficking, housing discrimination and police brutality. Whether the Duchess of Sussex hugs her husband in public shouldn’t be a fucking headline.

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