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Secure the Crown

Secure the Crown

We got a black princess, y'all. As of Saturday, May. 19, Meghan Markle will now be addressed as Your Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex. I am so geeked that I got to witness such an important moment in history, and it was everything I was not expecting. To be honest, I didn't know what to expect. Meghan Markle is a mixed race, divorced American woman marrying a man of Royal British heritage and throwing out all the rules along with it. Times have changed indeed. Even though the white side of Meghan's family has shown their ass since the engagement announcement and were determined to embarrass her, the wedding was flawless and just about as black as my last family reunion. Let's get into these details:


First off, we have to mention that this wedding started ON TIME. Like right at 7am Eastern time with no hesitation. I should have known that this wedding wasn't going to run on CP time when The Palace released an official schedule dictating every single moment of the ceremony. You better believe that Meghan pulled up to Windsor Castle right at 7am and the service promptly began. 


Not only did the ceremony start on time, but Bishop Michael Curry, head of the Episcopal Church in the United States, gave the official homily and it was Southern Baptist preacher black. He preached a message about love, quoted Dr. Martin L. King, and even made references to slavery. Yes, Bishop Curry, tell these people about their history. I stood in my living room waving my wands like I was in church myself. This black man was PREACHING in front of the British Monarchy, and they clearly weren't ready for it. 

As if the sermon wasn't enough, here comes Karen Gibson and The Kingdom Choir singing "Stand by Me" to bring a slight tear to our eyes. The choir was filled with dreadlocks, crochet braids, twist outs, and flawless sew-ins. Everyone's skin was properly moisturized and glowing as they hit these harmonies with no effort. This was truly a moment and something that I will never forget. From now on, all natural hair should be acceptable in any space and if people start to question you, refer them to this footage from the Royal Wedding. 

I could go on forever about every detail from this beautiful wedding, but I really want to highlight the love between Meghan and Harry and how they truly made the ceremony their own. Harry, the rebellious prince, and Meghan, a career woman and proud feminist, came together to give England a wedding they had never seen before. They managed to honor Princess Diana and added African American touches to acknowledge Meghan's heritage as well. Seeing how non-traditional the ceremony was, I wonder what would have happened if Harry and Meghan hadn't gotten their way. From the way these two looked at each other, I honestly believe that they would have been happy with getting married in small Vegas chapel. 

What I loved most about this ceremony was how these two kept looking at each other like they were the only people in the room. As if they couldn't see anyone else but each other in those special moments. How could you not gag at Prince Harry biting his lip while gazing at his bride? I've stated before that I don't believe in looking at couples for "relationship goals" but I do love dynamics. Ladies, if your man doesn't look at you like Harry did Meghan, don't be afraid to replace him. You deserve better.

Meghan has made it clear that she will not be the ordinary Royal, which is why Harry fell in love with her. She's a proud activist and has already highlighted several organizations that she will continue to support with Harry. She's confident and self assured in who she is and I doubt a Royal title will change that.  We can also thank Meghan's black mama for raising her daughter right. 

royal couple.jpg

I can't wait to see what the future holds for the The Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Say what you want about Meghan being bi-racial (I know a lot of you still have issues with that), but she has shown England and the rest of the world that she's proud of her background and she has plans to make an imprint on the U.K. The ceremony should be proof that Meghan and Harry will be marching to the beat of their own drum and at that times are changing in England. 

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