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I'm Turning Off My Phone

I'm Turning Off My Phone

Bruno Mars said it best in the "The Lazy Song." "Don't feel like picking up my phone, So leave a message at the tone." Those lyrics are an entire mood and I've made more of an effort to disconnect lately. I'm constantly plugged into my phone with social media, emails, text messages, and group chats that by the time that I look up, I've missed out on something important.

Being that reliable person that is known to answer to their phone and respond immediately has it pro's and cons. You never get a break. And when you do decide to let a call go to voicemail, everyone freaks out.

Enough is enough.

It took going to therapy for me to realize that a good portion of my anxiety was coming from my endless connection to my phone. It was time to nip that in the bud and here's how I did it:

Quiet Evenings at Home

I have fallen in love with Friday evenings at home. The thought of getting off of work after a hard week and starting a new Netflix series while doing laundry is my ideal Friday evening. I put my phone on silent, pour a chilled glass of wine, and separate my whites from my coloreds. It brings me peace. It also allows me to recharge and to quiet my thoughts. Between running a website, working, and overall life, we forget to slow down and take everything in. You owe it to yourself to have an evening alone. 

Nail Appointments Equal No Phone

Getting a mani/pedi have become my vice. I like changing the color and getting different designs. There’s something about a fresh coat of paint on my nails and feet that just soothes my soul. This time also gives me another opportunity to unplug. My therapist suggested early on that I should start turning off my phone during nail appointments and it's made a significant difference. I remember the first time I did it and how panicked I was. What if something goes wrong? What happens if someone can't reach me? All of these thoughts ran through my mind as I sat in the massage chair. They quickly floated away as I allowed myself to focus on what was happening around me and to actually enjoy this moment. Guess what? When I turned my phone back on, the world was still intact. 

Be Present in the Moment

Have you noticed that when you go out to eat with your friends or to grab a drink that everyone has their face in their phone? I didn't realize how normal this had become until I looked up from my own phone one day and everyone was glued to their screens. Not only does it take away from being able to bond with your friends, it prevents you from being present in the moment. Nowadays, I make a habit of putting my phone in my purse to keep me detached. It allows me to actually listen to what the other person is saying and to enjoy what's going on around me. You miss all sorts of fun and spur of the moment interactions while you're siting there scrolling through Instagram. Put the phone down and take another shot. 

We are living in a 24 hour breaking news cycle that tells us everything the Orange creature is doing to destroy our humanity. It's draining and it's caused many of us to become electronic zombies. If you live in a major metropolitan city, take a moment and look at the people around you. Everyone is moving and rushing to get to their next destination while their face is planted in their phone. It's like “The Walking Dead” but without the blood and guts.

We often use our phones to keep us occupied in boring or awkward situations but you owe to yourself to unplug for a minute. Turn off the phone and pour yourself a tasty beverage. You deserve it. 


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