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Nobody Made You Do Anything

Nobody Made You Do Anything


So to everyone's dismay, Taylor Swift made her return to music last week by dropping her new single "Look What You Made Me Do" and giving a release date for her new album "Reputation." Now I honestly expected T Swift to come out swinging with this new song being that she's known to write a catchy bop even though her personality is annoying. Not only did Tay Tay drop the ball on this new single, but the video was even worse. 


The video was filled with images of her killing off her good girl reputation, a weird Beyonce like formation, snakes everywhere, and her making fun of her old images. I guess the idea was for her to take all the things people said about her and throw them back in our faces, but it just seemed like she was just trying to keep this feud with Kanye West going. 


Taylor, sweetie, instead of rehashing this feud, I wish you would have taken this time and just remade your entire image. Instead of trying prove everyone wrong  and make a point, you could have  just owned it and keep it moving. Everyone knows that you lied about  being ok with Kanye's song(Kim posted all the receipts on snapchat), that all your songs are about your exes, and that you made an entire video dissing Katy Perry(we don't really care about her either but it fits).  You've been exposed for the fake victim you are and frankly we are all tired of it. 

I really hope the rest of the album is decent because I can't deny it, Taylor is a good for a hit single but this first song ain't cutting it. I just really want her to lay down this victim role and stick to making music. Stop blaming other people for what others think of you and quit with the fake feminism. Nobody made you do anything so please try another route. 

When the Funk Hits the Fan

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