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“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Caught Up

“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: Caught Up

This episode starts on a sad note as Mae emails the kids and grandkids to tell them of the official divorce. Jacob, Grace, and Charity each shed tears, mourning the end of their parents’ marriage. The divorce means a change in how the family operates but also how the church operates. It marks Mae’s end as first lady, represented by the images of Mae being at Calvary late in the night, walking alone to her car, and then leaving in her car as the camera pans over the cross.

In other first lady news, with Tasha gone, Kerissa aims to solidify her place as First Lady. She skips work to go to Triumph, take back the office that should have been hers, and assure everyone that Tasha leaving is not the end of the world.

Grace and Rochelle meet with another woman who needs the legal defense fund. They see Coralie in the hallway. The DA must have said something about Grace being damaging to Coralie’s case, because Coralie is considering the deal. Rochelle shares some of her story to convince Coralie to keep fighting. She tells of a mother in jail and a sister that ended up in the system with her. The talk seems to work because Coralie asks to meet the lawyer, and after the meeting, she accepts his services.

Ms. Patti (I mean, Maxine) is back! A Day with Lady Mae is a week away, so it is time to prep. Maxine sees Bishop Greenleaf in the hallway, and they exchange some friendly verbal jabs. Maxine tells Mae that Bishop seems scared for his life. Mae replies that he looks lost in his own church.

When Grace gets back to her office, she calls Darius with her new intel. Meanwhile, Rochelle is in the new temporary office for the legal defense fund. She confirms with Bishop if the divorce rumors are true. She claims it’s all around town. She offers some day drinking to celebrate or console. Bishop agrees.

Kerissa meets with the new accountant. He says there are irregularities with how the previous person used Excel. He also says Pastor Greenleaf has been putting money into a new account every Sunday.

Isaiah is on the radio promoting his new album. Zora is in the studio as well, listening in. The callers are all thirsty sounding women. One mentions the drama on Isaiah’s Facebook live and asks point blank if that was his girlfriend in the video. He replies, “everything is everything” which seems like f—boi code for “no comment.” Zora gets an email from Spelman College, but her phone makes a sound because she forgot to put it on silent. Isaiah is angry that her phone went off, and we know what he does when he’s angry.

Some guy comes to see Charity. He’s not the new hymnal salesman (is there such a thing?). He’s Pastor Patterson’s musical director. Charity wants to dive into business, but Michael wants to pray first. Charity’s about to be in love, y’all. His praying hands are a way to her heart.

Maxine wants Grace to speak instead of the person Mae wanted. Mae refuses and will not be convinced. They’re interrupted by Karine who tells Mae that Lionel is on the phone.

Jacob is now informed of the accounting discrepancy. He remembers Tasha telling him about Real Church, but he can’t remember what it is. Meanwhile, Tasha is at home lounging on the couch in her finest athleisure wear, guzzling a bottle of Jack Daniels straight from of the bottle li. The doorbell rings, and it’s Rochelle. Rochelle doesn't know Tasha quit. She is not happy when she finds out, because there is more she wants Tasha to do. Tasha feels that Jacob is a good man who would have been a better husband than Basie, who must be dead if he has not been in touch. She tells Rochelle to leave and threatens to snitch. Outside, Rochelle makes a phone call and says “we” have a problem. Who is on the other line? Basie? A hit man?

Michael wants to know if Charity is free for dinner. He thinks because she had a kid, she’s married, which is cute. He also thinks the “deception” of homosexuality is susceptible to prayer. He might be too conservative for Charity, because his comment about Kevin clearly irks her.

Maxine wants to help with the legal fund. She will promote it and cut Grace a check. She leads with that but then asks what she really wants to know: what is the issue between Grace and Lady Mae? Grace acts like she does not know what Maxine is talking about.

Darius’s cop friend found three girls named Rochelle in the Memphis foster system. Based on how long she was in the system, there is only one possible hit. Darius does not have a last name but has the address of the family Rochelle stayed with. He and Grace visit the family and discover Rochelle’s birth surname is James.

While Darius and Grace are snooping into Rochelle’s past, Rochelle is at Percy Lee’s drinking champagne with Bishop Greenleaf. She offers to help him find a place, and then they toast to their future together.

Zora and Isaiah get in an argument because he won’t allow her one hour to visit Spelman (they’re already in Atlanta). He questions her commitment to him, so she brings up him not claiming her on the radio. He says he’ll claim her when she deserves to be claimed (because apparently bringing him carbs means she doesn’t deserve the title).

Kerissa calls Tasha, like she told Jacob she would. Tasha is a mess, and neither Jacob nor Rochelle anticipated her catching such strong feelings for Jacob. If Jacob really didn’t want to get caught, he would have called Tasha from the church number in front of Kerissa (but not on speaker). Instead, he calls from his cell and is sent straight to voicemail. However, Kerissa, who calls from the church phone, gets through. He’s not a smart cheater, so what happens next is all on him. Tasha starts apologizing before she even says hello. Before Kerissa can say the word “accountant,” Tasha is talking about a kiss. Then Kerissa can’t even have a woman-to-woman moment because Tasha hangs up.

Kerissa confronts Jacob, who first claims nothing happens. She gives him a look like “why the f—- you lyin.” Jacob admits to the kiss but claims he’s faithful (how Sway?!). Kerissa is too through with him, so she goes for the jugular. She continually insults his manhood, and he cannot do anything but stand there.

Mae ducks out when Maxine again asks about Grace. She shows up at Lionel’s room, who called her to discuss his daughter. I knew Grace was his! All the other Greenleaf children are dark-skinned, but Grace is closer to Aaron’s complexion. Maybe Mae dislikes Grace so much because she reminds her of her infidelity and lost love.

Michael is calling Charity after hours. He didn’t go to the restaurant since Charity wasn’t able to. He wants to reschedule. She agrees, but then she tells him what was bothering her. Michael stands by his comment that Kevin was deceiving Charity and himself with his struggles with his sexuality. Charity realizes she deserves better, and better probably isn’t Michael.

Grace goes straight to Percy Lee’s house to see her daddy and tell him the news. He is shocked. A minute earlier he was so happy and excited.

Zora decides to respond to Spelman while Isaiah is asleep, despite what he said about Spelman not accepting high school dropouts.

Jacob keeps calling Tasha. The phone goes straight to voicemail at first. Someone bangs on her door, and she answers. It’s Rochelle...with Basie...which means his trifling self was within driving distance from the wife he abandoned.

What do you think Bishop will do now that he knows Rochelle’s identity? How do you think Rochelle and Basie will deal with Tasha? Comment below with your thoughts!

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