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​“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: It’s OK to Need Help

​“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 2 Recap: It’s OK to Need Help

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This week, it’s all about Issa and Daniel. I must say I didn’t miss Molly and rest of the them this episode. It’s probably just my thirst for Y’lan Noel and me being a hopeless romantic—wanting Issa and Daniel to get the engine on this love train going.

The episode opens with Issa at work...not working. She’s on an apartment hunt, because her days on Daniel’s thin-cushioned couch are numbered. The search doesn’t appear to be going too well. She’s getting rejected by apartment complexes left and right. Being able to live alone in Los Angeles with a non-profit salary and funny finances is a tall order.

Issa can’t be off-task at work for too long, because it’s time for a team meeting to discuss the We Got Y’all logo. Isn’t it funny that Joanne isn’t really here for Issa right now, but this logo overhaul is only happening because of Issa’s initiative to follow up with former partner schools? Admit it, Joanne. Despite her recent fuck ups, Issa’s perspective is invaluable to your organization. Listen to Black women.


I’ve never really thought about the logo until last episode. When you think about it, the logo does perpetuate the notion that a white savior, no matter how well-meaning he or she is, will save poor Black and Brown children. However, Cece (I only remember this character by her “Awkward Black GIrl” name. Sorry.) brings up a great point. The logo may have flown back in the day, but it’s not going to fly in 2018. Issa holds her tongue when her colleagues offer her as tribute to lead the brainstorm. They ain’t slick.

Daniel’s backstory continues to build while he is in the studio with his niece Jada. They’re vibing to some beats when our young Queen wants to switch it up to Daniel’s chagrin. Conscious rap is cool or whatever, but sometimes you just want to shake your ass to an easy-to-remember hook. I’ve never felt so seen! Seven comes through being disappointing. My spidey senses are telling me this will be a recurring theme. Daniel is trying to connect with an up-and-coming rapper named Spyder, but it seems the only way he’ll cross paths with him is by swinging by the club later. Daniel isn’t trying to go to the club, and I don’t blame him. Who wants that kind of stress when you’re in your thirties?!

Allow your girlfriends to show up for you.

Kelli is back! I’ve been waiting. I’m so glad that Issa is meeting with Kelli, who is an accountant. It baffles me that Issa has this circle of girlfriends and refuses to turn to them through her struggle month. If you’re friends with people who are doing pretty well in their own lives, wouldn’t you want a smidge of their wisdom and know-how? Issa is only comfortable getting help from a man, which is a problem. Allow your girlfriends to show up for you. 

Kelli doesn’t sugar coat. She tells Issa straight up that she’s not going to be able to get an apartment without a cosigner, significant savings or decent credit—three things ol’ girl doesn’t have. Kelli does offer Issa help with credit counseling and budgeting. You see! A friend helping her friend. Kelli suggests that Issa holds off on moving and stays at Daniel’s place a little bit longer, even if that means paying Daniel some more money on her share of the rent. But wait. Issa is living there for free no strings or chores attached. Kelli can’t believe it. Neither can we.

Issa leaves Kelli’s office and starts thinking about a plan b if Daniel kicks her off his couch and onto the street. She calls her brother. Ahmal and his live-in boyfriend Cody aren’t having it.

We find out that Issa is applying for other jobs! Go ‘head! It’s probably easier to finesses an apartment when you’re a property manager anyway. I like seeing this sort of strategy from Issa. Growth.

On the other side of town, Daniel is at Vanessa’s place. Clearly, Vanessa isn’t maximizing this sleep over. She’d rather catch up on work than get some. She’s better than me. I completely understand not wanting to have a man in your space for three nights in a row, but it’s apparent that Vanessa is lukewarm about Daniel. Hopefully, this is the last we see of her.

Issa is being fiscally responsible at a lunch with her co-workers. I’m proud of her, and her sandwich I can’t seem to make out and crumbly-ass Nature Valley bar. How many of us have the willpower to eat our packed lunch at a restaurant? I’d be the first person to put my lunch in the refrigerator at work and save it for tomorrow. Let’s see what these vegan chick’n nuggets and kale aioli is looking like. This lunch will make you wish you just ate at your desk, because Issa’s co-workers want her to be Al Sharpton at work and voice the concerns of all Black people. This is above Issa’s paygrade.

Issa finally gets a hold of Daniel on the phone, and he tells her that she needs to move out sooner rather than later. He says Vanessa doesn’t feel comfortable about Issa being around. THAT(clap)GIRL(clap)DOESN’T(clap)WANT(clap)YOU!

Back at We Got Y’all, Issa meets with Joanne and isn’t totally shut down. Joanne is warming up to Issa again! She probably realizes that Issa will be an asset now that her organization is going through an identity crisis.

Kelli’s advice earlier wasn’t in vain. Issa is earning her keep at Daniel’s place. She’s cleaning and reorganizing! Daniel comes home dreading going to the club alone to meet Spyder. Issa offers to join him on his mission. They pull up to Fais Do-Do and run into their high school classmate Khalil, who is also a producer. While Daniel’s beats are still on Soundcloud, Khalil’s are on the radio. You can visibly see how Khalil’s newfound fame bothers Daniel, especially when Khalil uses his celebrity to get him and Issa into the club. 


Spyder is on stage, and he’s just OK. He can be a Drake one day with the right production and a puffier red-orange bubble coat. Daniel thinks Spyder’s music can be taken to the next level with his help. NOW LISTEN. I don’t know about you all, but if someone as fine as Daniel starts beatboxing softly into my ear with a shawl-collar cardigan under some dim blue lights...whew chile! Issa had to walk away from all that sexual tension. I don’t blame you, sis.

Issa makes her way to the bar, and we’re reminded why we’re too old for the club—grown men in G-Unit tank tops and braces to match the money they don’t have and women in lamé dresses looking for ballers. However, how is Issa talking about hobos when she is the hobo? Hilarious.

The night progresses, and Daniel isn’t making any moves to meet Spyder. Issa gives Daniel the pep talk he needs to get moving. Look at Issa supporting her prideful friend. Imagine if Issa allowed some of that same energy in her own life from her girlfriends. Spyder is barely engaging with Daniel when someone shoots up the club...literally. NOW LISTEN, if someone as fine as Daniel shields me from flying bullets...whew chile!

Issa and Daniel flee Fais Do-Do unscathed and get a quick bite. Daniel is feeling down and starts to question his career choices—comparing himself to Khalil and wondering if he needs to give up producing altogether. He’s really opening up about his insecurities. Issa comes through again with the encouragement.

I’m a bird, so I was expecting that Issa and Daniel pounce on each other the minute they get back home. That doesn’t happen, but Daniel did put his pride aside to follow up with Khalil after he suggests they meet up at the studio in the near future. Bravo. Also, Issa and Daniel are getting closer. Daniel offers his bed and hands for a shoulder rub, and Issa is practically on Daniel’s lap while he works at his keyboard.

Good news: Issa got a call back on that property manager position she applied for. Just when you’re on the verge of concubinage, an opportunity pops up!

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