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Post Your Relationship Status and Go

Post Your Relationship Status and Go

Unless you were living under earlier this summer,the hot gossip was that Rob Kardashian got all the way into his feelings and decided to post nude photos of his ex-fiancé Blac Chyna. Yeah, he went there. Not only did he post nude photos of her, but he posted videos and text messages stating how much money and jewelry he had gotten for her during her relationship, while also calling her an unfit mother.


Before we get into why this matters, I’m going to give a quick rewind of who these people are and why they continue to plague us. Rob Kardashian is the youngest sibling of the infamous Kardashian clan that continues to annoy every possible every person in the universe. He started dating Blac Chyna who used to date a rapper named Tyga, who after breaking up with Chyna, started dating Kylie Jenner, the younger sister of Rob Kardashian. (Kylie and Tyga are no longer dating, but that’s neither here nor there). The whole situation is weird and honestly it’s not our business but again there's a reason why we are talking about this.

When Rob and Chyna got together, a newborn baby could have told you that it was a crash and burn situation but we all lived a little because here was this curvaceous black woman who used to be an exotic dancer seducing a Kardashian. Of course we all assumed that Chyna was enjoying this because she was getting revenge against her ex-boyfriend, but then came a proposal, and later, a pregnancy. We lived a little more because from henceforth Chyna would be the mother of the only child to carry the Kardashian name. Then, things got weird and extremely unhealthy which led to them breaking up.


Fast forward to present day: Rob didn’t like the fact that Chyna posted her single status on social media after their public split, and then proceeded to post revenge porn and slut shame her online and in the media. Here’s the problem. As Rob was having a social media meltdown and exposing everything about Chyna, men and women thought it was cute to cheer him on not realizing that not only what he was doing was illegal but it was morally disgusting. Hoteps couldn’t shut up for the rest of the day.

Let me explain something to the hoteps and all the other men and women that condone this type of behavior―just because you decide to spend money on a woman, give her gifts, or date her despite a shaky past, doesn’t give you ownership of her when things don’t work out. You don’t have the right to post intimate pictures or shame her on social media because things didn’t work out between you two, and she’s not behaving in a way YOU deem acceptable. . It’s wrong and it’s sickening that people think it’s okay.


What made things even worse was that Rob has a history of doing this to his exes whenever they decided they were done. He stalked one and went on a twitter rant about another so it was clear he was abusive to many of the women he has dated. Now I don’t think Blac Chyna is innocent in all of this, but no woman deserves to have her intimate images released without their permission. It’s called revenge porn and it's illegal.

I also take issue with people thinking this type of behavior is okay because of Chyna’s past. Nope, that’s wrong too and everyone women is entitled to live her life as she chooses and to be protected from problematic and abusive relationships.

To all hoteps, problematic men, hurt baes, and people who just can’t get right, I’m telling you to please do better. If your relationship doesn’t work out regardless of who did what, don’t follow Rob’s abusive and abhorrent path. Update your relationship status on Al Gore’s internet and keep it moving. I know you’re reading this and thinking this is easier said than done, especially if you’ve been scarred by a significant other, but trust, keeping it moving is the best option because you don’t want to be known as that person who lost their mind on social media over a breakup. People don’t forget and neither does the internet.

If You Can Fix A Car You Can Fix A Man

If You Can Fix A Car You Can Fix A Man