Sis, you are enough. Just as you are in this moment. You are becoming, you always will be. Give yourself a little grace. Protect your peace. Protect your spirit. Choose you-unapologetically and wholeheartedly, without conditions or stipulations as your journey unfolds day by day. You are magic. You are the way when there is none. You are light. You are seen. You are enough.

Tamara Best

Dear Black Queen,

Other races try to emulate us. Our bodies are objectified in music, film, and other media. We are often pitted against each other or made to feel we can not speak up without being viewed as “The Angry Black Woman”. There are negative stereotypes of us and how society views us. So if/ when you encounter these experiences, PLEASE KNOW:
You are Beautiful You are Enough You are Loved You are Intelligent You are Resilient.

Shaketa Robinson Bruce


Dear Black Girl,


You will conform to societal pressures. And that's OK. You will also break the mold and start your own path. That's OK too. Don't live your life for anybody else. This life is yours. Your accomplishments are your own. You don't need to prove yourself to anybody. LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU! Don't make decisions to please other people. You only have one life. Live it the way you want.

Don't apologize for being yourself. It's OK to be right. It's OK to be confident in your answers. It's OK to be the smartest person in the room. It's OK to be vocal about things your care about. Walk in your purpose and don't feel the need to explain yourself to anybody. You know what you are doing. Believe in yourself. 

But guess what, it's also OK to not have all the answers. It's OK to be unsure about what direction you want to go. You don't have to have it all together and figured out. There's no deadline to figuring out who you are and who you are meant to be. 

It's never too early or too late to work on your goals. If you are 9 and have a business idea, work on it. If you are 90 and have a business idea, work on it. There isn't a time limit on dreams. 

You don't always have to be the strong one. You don't always have to be the one that everyone comes to for emotional, financial or other forms of support. You are allowed to say no. You are allowed to put yourself first. You are allowed to take care of you.

That job that you want, that you think you are  underqualified for? I'm telling you right now, you aren't And when you apply for that job, add 10k to your current salary. This 10k signals the desire to grow and develop. Then add another 10k because that will catch you up to the minimum salary the man with the same qualifications as you is asking for. 

Taylor Stanley

Dear Black Women,

You are amazing, loving, endearing, genuine, brilliant and strong. Reach for the moon, live in the stars and dance in the sun. Never settle and always remember you are more than enough. 

Candice Bruce

Dear Black Girl,

To the world your beautiful brown skin, your kinky curly hair, your curvy hips to bare motherhood may not be the social norm, but when God made you sis he sprinkled a little extra magic.

Christy Bruce

"Dear Black Woman,

Find your spark and let it shine. Don't dim it for anyone. Be no one but unapologetically yourself because you are completely, utterly and amazingly strong, bold, intelligent, gorgeous, unique and organic. Live in your truth daily and never compromise the core of who you are."

Kristal Wiggins

Dear Black Woman,

There’s so much I want to say to you, but I don’t think there’s enough space on this page to fully define my love and respect for you. You are the reason that I wake up every morning, and the reason that I go to sleep with a smile on my face at night. You have loved me unconditionally and supported me when no one else have. You have held me when I cried, picked me off the floor at my worst point, and believed in me when I didn’t have enough faith in my own damn self. Sometimes, I feel like you’re the only person in the world who sees me. You SEE me. You see through me. You understand me. You have never told me that I am not enough or that I will never make it. You have always had my back, and sometimes, I think that I have failed you. I wasn’t there for you when you needed me. I didn’t answer the phone when you needed someone to talk to. I may have even been too caught up in my own mess to realize that you were hurting, but I plan to rectify that today. Today, I’m going to start giving you all of the love, encouragement, support, and strength you need to apply pressure to all these hoes on a daily basis.

Black Woman, you are strong. You’re stronger than they can ever know or understand. They don’t understand what it is to be a black woman in today’s society, and if they, they wouldn’t be able to handle it. They would buckle under the stress that you’ve learned to live with on a daily basis. Black Girl, you are fly. No one has swag like you do, and no one ever will. You ooze power and confidence from the crown of curls on your head to the carefully designed nail art on your toes. Just the stride in your walk and the sway in your hips can cause men to stand up straight and women to clutch their pearls. They’re not ready for you, and they never will be. Black Girl, you are smart. No one is as resourceful as you. You will make a way out of no way. You have multiple hustles in addition to your fulltime job. Why? Because you are building an empire, and one day, you will own it all. You seize every opportunity afforded to you and make it into your own. They wish they could be as good and efficient as you. Hell, if they could take your skills, knowledge, and work ethic, and bottle it, you would be richer than Bill Gates. Once again, let me just say Black Woman, you are EVERYTHING.

So, just know sistah, when you’re feeling down, you’re afraid to take that leap, or you’re unsure about what the future may hold, don’t worry. I’ve got your back. I wish nothing but happiness, success, and love for you. Why? Because you deserve it, despite what the world may say. This is your time Black Girl! It’s time to slay with the spirit of Beyonce at the VMAs, Michelle Obama at her final State Dinner, and Oprah on the cover of O Magazine every month. You’ve got this girl!


Eve and The 94 Percent Team

Dear black girl,

When you read this I hope you know that you’re already whole. You have a wholeness that comes from up above, strengthened by the ties all around, weaving and pouring into you from before you were born. There is no blueprint for who you have to be and it’s okay to be free.

Dear black girl, I’m making a place for you thrive and to cry. A place to discover that your joy comes from within.

Dear black girl, I want you to know that is okay to not feel strong. That within your brokenness you can find gain.

Dear black girl, you are not here to make others comfortable, but may your love of yourself make them wrestle with their discomfort of your existence.

Dear black girl, it’s okay to exist.

Uche Ukuku

Dear Black Woman, 

Don't ever feel like you don't measure up or that you aren't enough. You are the exception. Your magic is the reason why they try to stifle resources and keep us locked out of certain spaces. They do this because you leave them in the dust every time. Your continued resilience and strength is what makes you essential to this world and without you, things wouldn't get done. Continue to shine, love, and embrace this life even when it doesn't love you back. Never forget, you are a strong Black Woman and defeat is never an option. 

Dominque Grisby, The 94 Percent

Dear beautiful:

I'm sending you kisses express. Cause sometimes I know that kisses don't happen as often as we want. Cause sometimes we go home alone. Cause sometimes intimacy has left and we don't know when it will return. So sis, these kisses are for you. Take as many as you need. Take some for safe keeping. Take them as a reminder that you are loved. You are valuable. You are special.

Love you 😘

Bridgette Burton

Dear Sis,

I see you sis.
Even when it feels like sometimes they don’t.
I see you. You’re beautiful!
You’re viable.
I hear you sis! You’re intelligent. Say it again! I want to hear you. I’ll listen.
Go head sis! 
I love you!


Tania DeBarros

Hey girl,

You have room to make mistakes,
and room to grow.
You have permission to live your life by your rules.
You’re worthy of everything your heart desires.
Big or small.
Know that there are black women
In your corner cheering for you,
Rooting for you.
Don’t dim your light for anybody.
Because, you are the sparkle.
You are the magic.


Marlyncia Pierce

You don’t need anybody’s permission to empower yourself. Go do it. Go get it. Go be IT.

Randi Hildreth

Dear Black women,

Embrace your beauty. Know your value and others will not only see it, but respect you as well. Through faith and determination there is no limit to your success.

Catherine Muthoni

Dear Black women,

We are intelligent, beautiful, fearless, ambitious, dreamers, determined, and the list goes on. No matter who/what tries to deter us/our efforts, we will never lose our skin; we will always thrive, always. There is no stopping Black Girl Magic! 

Jordan Washington 

Black History Month may be 28 days, but Black Girl Magic is 365. 

Jackie Smith

Dear Queens!

You are Greatness Manifested! You are the living vessel of your mother’s hopes and dreams! Stay the course when you are in the valley. You are worth it. Stop looking seeking validation in others, your thoughts, opinion and feelings are enough!

YOU are  a Baddd Girl! Always look up, because there are truly no limits to what you can do!

NOW GO & BE GREAT! I love you!

Yo Sister from Another Mister,

Natishia Y. June

Dear Queen,

There is nothing more amazing and fulfilling than a woman who finds ‘her.’ The ‘her’ she is meant to be from birth. The ‘her’ she is specifically designed and crafted to become. ‘Her’ is comprised of her purpose, her dreams, her will to thrive in this thing called life. Find those things and you will find ‘her.’ Once you do, don’t let go, give ‘her’ away or allow anyone to take ‘her’ from you. ‘Her’ is yours! Go get ‘her’!

Brittney Holmes Jackson

Dear Black Girl,

I hope you always know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made...dripping in finesse with a melanated glow.  You were not created to be tangible to everyone and that's ok.  You're not for everybody.  Claim your seat at the table without apology.  You do not have to dim your light for others to shine.  You are always enough.  You, sis, are Black Girl Magic personified.

Sara K. Hall

Dear Black woman,

You are stunning. You take my breathe away. Never let anyone dim your light. Shine. You are phenomenal. Resilient. Queen Mother you are loved. You are love.

Xoxo, Victoria

Victoria Gaines

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