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“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: It’s Raining Men

“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 8 Recap: It’s Raining Men

Issa is finally 30. She’s older, wiser and still embroiled in shenanigans.

After many failed attempts to partner with local businesses and creatives, Issa admits to Molly (and herself) at lunch that Cocochella has to wait. Planning and financing a decent community festival takes more than three weeks. Molly can’t admit to Issa (and herself) that she’s not navigating her new job in an optimal fashion. I feel Molly on the point that her course of action wouldn’t be questioned if she was a man. She’s right. However, it’s going to be lonely at the top when all your subordinates can’t stand you.
Lawrence has a daddy, and he’s Dresser from “The Five Heartbeats.” A HEARRRRRRRRRRT IS A HOUSE FOR LOVE, AND I’VE LEARNED... Daddy Walker is a stoic and no-nonsense Army captain, but he’s still a dad—needing help setting up his new technology. When asked about Issa, Lawrence reports that he and Issa are cordial and in a good place. As far as Daddy Walker is concerned, Lawrence is not done done with the relationship just yet. Lawrence has also been romanticizing his parents’ relationships for the last 32 years. Daddy Walker let’s him in on a little secret: It’s not about finding a perfect partner. It’s about finding a partner who is also committed to the process and willing to work through each other’s baggage.

Good news: Jackson, Johnson & Washington has been retained by that one client they’ve been pursuing for weeks. Bad news: Molly and Taurean are named co-counsel for the case. Taurean isn’t thrilled. Shadily calling Molly ‘aggressive’ tells us so. Rude.

Now that Cocochella is on the back burner, Issa is back on the hunt for a full-time office job. She interviews with Eli from The Beat Crew—the group of Día de Muertos-meets-”You Got Served” mashup dancers from that non-profit job fair she and Frieda went to to recruit coloreds. Eli seems receptive to Issa’s enthusiasm, but there may not be enough funding for a new hire. Sigh. Non-profit struggles.

While Molly is waiting on Issa to whisk her away to her surprise birthday festivities, guess who is strolling down the street like he’s Bobby McFerrin in the “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” music video? Casper-ass Nathan! He’s got flowers in hand, so at least he has the slightest notion that he’s done something trifling. Nathan isn’t making it to Issa’s front door on Molly’s watch. She stops him in his tracks and sends him back to Burbank. Her best friend wished for no drama on her birthday, so she’s just enforcing.

After a long drive, Issa and Molly finally make it to the birthday surprise. It’s a Blackity-Black screening of one of Issa’s favorite movies, “The Last Dragon,” in the park. “The Last Dragon” is also Lawrence’s favorite movie, because he’s there with his friends too.

Kelli is holding down the picnic area when Molly and Issa arrive. Although you can’t take Kelly no where, she’s someone’s godmother now. Tiffany had the baby! Kelli wanted to keep her best friend, not be responsible if something happened to both of Baby Dubois’ parents. If she wanted children, she would’ve “kept the last one.” Only a Queen like Kelli can casually mention she’s had an abortion during a birthday outing in a park. I live for Kelli’s ability to openly speak about her reproductive choices without stigma, shame, guilt, doubt or regret.

Somewhere else on the park grounds, Lawrence is sitting with Chad and Mike, who I don’t remember seeing any point in the show before this scene. Chad’s cheating, yet saved, behind is back with his almost wife. Chad had to put in some serious work to get back in Leah’s good graces—buying designer purses, watching reality competition shows and blending superfoods. We need to see more of Leah in season four, because sis. What’s really going on?

Before the movie starts, Molly runs to grab some snacks and drinks from the concessions stand. She bumps into Jared. Yes, the Jared that Molly couldn’t bring herself to date because he didn’t have a college degree, worked as a management trainee at Enterprise car rental, and had a sole sexual experience with a man. Jared is looking good and blessed. He’s moved up in his company too. Another man approaches Jared in the concessions line. This is all the proof Molly needs to confirm that Jared was and is gay. She’s so shook, she forgoes snacks and runs back to tell the girls.

Kelli also returns to their picnic area on the park grounds. In the two seconds she’s been away from the picnic blanket, she got herself a entire boo. It’s one of her former flames Quantrell. Only a Queen like Kelli can get herself a whole boyfriend in a few minutes. A season four wish I have: More character development for Kelli. I want to know more about her everyday life. I also want to see her having sex. Let’s take her character a step further, and show that funny women and full-figured women are also sexual beings and desired.

Lawrence is about as good with timing as his ex-girlfriend. Once the movie starts, Lawrence takes his tall self to Issa—blocking other movie goers’ views and whatnot. He brings Issa her a box of her favorite movie candy. He also asks her how the status of Cocochella. Ain’t no more Cocochella, Lawrence! Is it me or was there something about the news that turned Lawrence completely off? Whatever residual and confusing feelings he had left for Issa are gone. He’s good luv, enjoy.

“The Last Dragon” is over, and the girls are heading out when Jared pops up again with his alleged lover. The gag: The man is Jared’s brother. Jared’s brother is accompanied by his girlfriend, and Jared is accompanied by his girlfriend, a whole Queen. Molly, your spidey senses are raggedy, and your views of masculinity are very narrow.

Issa makes one pit stop before leaving the park. She introduces herself to Condola, the organizer of the Black AF movie screening and one of Tiffany’s friends from the baby shower. Issa airs her frustrations with trying to plan a large-scale event of her own, and Condola identifies with her wholeheartedly. Condola understands the struggle of finding partners and funding. I’m glad Issa can see that her idea can come to fruition. It’s just going to take more time.

Issa and Molly have a post-screening slumber party at Issa’s place. They’re enjoying drinks when Molly unintentionally spills the beans that Nathan was trying to pull up earlier in the day. Issa is pissed that Molly didn’t tell her and robbed her of the opportunity to handle things on her own. I’m siding with Issa on this one. I would want to know, even if it would’ve upset me. Even if Molly still blocked Nathan, she should’ve said something to Issa immediately after.

I really love seeing arguments between Molly and Issa, because for the most part, they both bring up great points. Molly reminds Issa that she was snooping in Nanceford’s room about a week ago, and speaking to Nathan today would ruin her birthday. Issa calls out Molly for being very negative post-Dro and burning bridges at her law firm. Are either of them wrong.

Issa’s birthday is now behind us. Back at work, Molly is officially without allies. Taurean is no longer her co-counsel. He’s teamed up with Stacey and Felicia on another case. Molly is now managing this case on her own. The success (or failure) of this case falls entirely on her shoulders. The pressure.

Issa follows up with Condola to pick her brain about event planning at a post-gentrification coffee shop. Condola is well-connected (What else would we expect from Tiffany’s other friends?) and offers to throw a few contacts Issa’s way. The girls can’t pow wow for too long thoguh. Condola has a hot date. Issa goes home and finds Nathan’s flowers on her doorstep. Those flowers have been holding up!

I KNEW IT! Condola has a date with Lawrence. We’re surprised (not really), but she’s really surprised. She didn’t think Lawrence would be interested in dating a divorcée. Lawrence really took his father’s advice to heart. He’s got the baggage, carry-on and personal item that can be stowed away in the seat in front of him.

Molly is trying to turn over a new leaf herself. She gives Andrew a call gives the best non-apology apology she knows how to give. Andrew and his cascading tresses hear her out.

Issa also decides to hear Nathan out. She invites him her courtyard. In the best way he knows how, he tells Issa that he was going through some heavy stuff and went back to Houston for a bit. He didn’t want to burden Issa with whatever he was going through.

I’m not a healthcare professional, but it’s clear that Nathan is dealing with some form of mental illness. I want to say depression, but again, I’m not a healthcare professional. Diagnosis or not, I don’t excuse his ghost-like behavior, especially since you led this girl to believe that things between them were “real.” If you’re needing a break, send a text, smoke signal or messenger pigeon before you go off the grid. Mental health illness aside, he’s still hiding something like a wife or warrants. Remember I said this.

Issa doesn’t know how take Nathan’s news. She’s upset and the emotions she thought she squared away are resurfacing. Feelings make Issa very productive though. She does more unpacking and decorating in a few hours that night than she’s done since moving into her new apartment.

Any season four predictions? Comment below!

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