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“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Fix it, Jesus. Or Iyanla

“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 6 Recap: Fix it, Jesus. Or Iyanla

Despite divorce decree day approaching, Mae took her time with the revisions to the statement she and James would make in front of the church. Bishop reads it and sees something missing. Among the flowery words, where is the part about Mae leaving Calvary? Nowhere because Mae tells him she is staying put. They built the church together, so why should she be forced out? To heck with patriarchal church custom. At the end of the argument, Mae gives James the ultimate saintly shade and tells him she’ll be praying for him.

She goes to check on Charity, who she finds in a pill-induced sleep. Charity could not hear Nathan crying, but Maricel will watch the boy until Charity is up. Mae tells Charity not to put her in a position where she agrees with Kevin about Charity’s inability to take care of Nathan.

It took a health problem for Zora to be nice to Sophia again. Well, Mae told her to visit. Sophia forgives her and tells her to go to hell. Sophia is cussing now, y’all. The change has begun. She is angry and has no time for the likes of Zora. Here comes Mama Grace to try to smooth things over, but she is interrupted by a phone call. It’s Darius calling about the legal defense fund, because he found a domestic violence victim that might need it.

At Calvary, Bishop meets with Rochelle, who jokes about being allowed back in his office. She explains cryptocurrencies, which Bishop doesn’t understand, but he needs something to get him out of his IRS troubles. Meanwhile, Mae’s friend Maxine has arrived at Calvary. Staff members greet her with their phones out for pictures and books to be signed. Maxine and Mae run into James and Rochelle. Maxine and James exchange the kind of small talk that a woman would with the trifling, cheating man her friend married, and a suspicious man would with his ex-wife’s friend.

Rochelle then goes to visit Grace to talk about the fund. Well, that’s what they’re supposed to be talking about, but all Rochelle wants to discuss is where Darius got his shirt from and how he dresses. Now that James and Mae are clearly having problems, Rochelle might be trying to mess up another Greenleaf’s relationship. Grace can see through Rochelle’s game and knows Rochelle is trying to play her. Darius lingers and stares at Rochelle. He might think she is genuine.

The life of a televangelist and author is hectic and glamorous, but Maxine has room in her schedule for Mae. When the scheduling is through and the assistants are gone, Maxine gets to the drama. She asks what is going on with Charity. Mae tells her everything, and Maxine starts dialing the number of a “soul doctor” she knows.

The situation with Zora is repetitive at this point. She sneaks around, trying to use people’s phones (like Maricel’s) or computers. She gets caught. She gets in more trouble. Mae says she has better things to do than babysit a disrespectful, ungrateful child. Zora yells that she hates Mae, and Mae tells her she really hates herself. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be so pressed to talk to Isaiah.

The highlight of the episode is when Mae comes to Charity’s suite with the “soul doctor,” Dr. Iyanla Vanzant. One of my favorite reality shows has merged with one of my dramas, and I am here for it, beloved. On the mini episode of Fix My Life, Iyanla is giving her signature lines. She is NOT going to fight Charity for her healing. Speak your truth, Charity. Based on Iyanla’s questions, it is clear she has the tea about Kevin, and Charity is not happy. This would have been a great time for Iyanla to say, “There are times during this process that you’re not going to like me” and then cackle and slam her palm on the table. We get a somewhat tamer Iyanla, so there is no cackling, no hand on the person’s heart, no breathing exercises or self-reflection activities.

Iyanla expresses her disbelief that Charity didn’t know Kevin was gay. Then we start to get to the bottom of it. Charity reveals that Kevin made her feel safe. Iyanla wants to know the distinction between being unsafe and being unwanted and when Charity started feeling that she wasn’t safe. Charity says she has never felt safe. Why not? What would it take for Charity to feel safe? Iyanla wraps her arms around Charity, putting her in that mama bear hug we see on almost every episode of Fix My Life.

Roberto has come to visit Sophia with a gift. He asks her if she wants to pray, but she doesn’t. She doesn’t know what to say to the God she blames for her circumstance. Roberto says God didn’t do it and lists women in the Bible who were barren but later had kids. Roberto is a real one, staying by his woman’s side during her time of suffering and keeping an encouraging spirit. However, he strikes a nerve with the word “barren.” Sophia prefers the synonym sterile. Her anger is making her lash out at poor, supportive Roberto.

Zora calls her mother and says she wants to come home. Using her sweet voice, she promises she’ll be good. Mae gives her a look like child, this game you’re playing won’t work. Kerissa runs the idea by Jacob, who shoots it down quickly. Kerissa tries and fails to persuade him otherwise.

Sophia thinks she and Roberto aren’t a good fit anymore. Grace wants to know what’s really going on. Sophia not only wants to leave Roberto but the Little Saints and church period. Grace skipped out on church for 20 years. Darius doesn’t go. Why should Sophia have to? These are questions Grace should have anticipated but can’t answer.

On day two of the healing process, Iyanla wants to meet with the parents. She encourages Charity to share her truth with her parents and asks Mae and James not to interrupt. (Of course, Mae fails at that.) Charity felt scared growing up because Faith and Grace were scared, though she didn’t know why. Mae gets defensive and says she can’t apologize to everyone for the rest of her life. Mae says her family needs backbone. According to Mae, Charity’s fear was miniscule to what Faith felt or what she felt as a kid, but she didn’t blame her mother. (Charity and Iyanla try to tell Mae she’s not being blamed, but of course everything is about her.) Mae is in her feelings about having to announce the divorce and not in the mood to be called out. She is like so many mother’s on Iyanla’s show who are in denial about their role in their children’s trauma.

In a misguided attempt to make peace after the meeting with Iyanla, James offers Mae the house and says he will take care of the tax bill. She would still need to leave the church, though. Mae wants to still do the event “Day with Lady Mae.” James agrees, with the clear stipulation that she leave Calvary after.

While everyone is in the sanctuary, Zora goes to someone’s office and is finally able to Skype Isaiah. Later when she sees her mother, she is sweet and polite when Kerissa breaks the news that she must stay with Mae. Zora plays like she’s fine with the decision, which she now sees as temporary after her talk with Isaiah.

The musical selection for the day is “Balm in Gilead,” but not the uplifting, up-tempo, Karen Clark Sheard version. James and Mae get up and share their news. The crowd is shocked. Mae announces that she will continue as First Lady until A Day with Lady Mae, where Maxine will be a special guest. The event will be about the power of women in the church. Mae’s announcement turns into a mini sermon, and James is giving a look like he wants his pulpit back. Maxine later tells Mae that if the event doesn’t earn her Calvary, they’ll get a new church.

Mae approaches Iyanla after church. She says didn’t ask Iyanla to come and tell Charity to blame her. Iyanla says you didn’t call me, beloved, but when you’re ready to deal with your pain, pick up the phone. I hope that means we get to see a session with Iyanla and Mae.

At home, Grace tells Sophia that she will have to go to church. Sophia says nope, never again. When out on her walk, she takes off her cross necklace and throws it in the water. The breakup with Jesus is official.

How do you think the congregation will react to the divorce? Will Rochelle come between Grace and Darius? Comment below with your thoughts.

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