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“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Seeds of Revenge

“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 7 Recap: Seeds of Revenge

Grace mentally signed on to the Coralie Hunter case despite not meeting the woman. So of course, she must do her homework and view the bloody crime scene photos. It brings back memories of her fight with Mac, particularly sticking a broken bottle in his neck and him bleeding out, asking her to get help.

Now I see why Zora viewed her situation as temporary last episode. It’s already her birthday, in other words run away with Isaiah day. Jacob, Kerissa, and Winky have come over for Zora’s 18th birthday celebration. Kerissa got that girl tickets to Hamilton—two tickets for a mommy-daughter date. However, Mae says the girl is on punishment and can’t go. Jacob tries to side with his wife, half-heartedly telling his mom she’s being harsh. One rebuttal from Mae and Jacob’s back on her side.

A Day with Lady Mae is supposed to be at a hotel across town, but Maxine’s assistant suggests it be held at the church. Karine spills that the Bishop has planned an event at the church for the same day. Lady Mae says she, not Karine, will talk to Bishop and warns Karine about where to place her loyalties during this transitional time.

Mae needs Grace to attend a meeting in her stead because she’s busy. Grace is busy, too, because she’s going to meet with the “murderess” (as Mae calls) Coralie Hunter. Mae barely has a kind word to say to Grace, yet she has the nerve to ask her to drop what she has planned and help Mae. She also accuses Grace of working with Rochelle to spite her and bringing shame to Calvary by having a murderer’s name associated with the church.

The Hunter case is the first thing Mae mentions when she goes to see James, though she is supposed to be telling him about her event being at Calvary. She claims she’s worried about the PR, what with Bishop owing the tax man and now Grace’s helping a murderer. Bishop says he’ll try to get Grace to call the Hunter case off if Mae will agree to invest what’s in their joint account into cryptocurrency. The silly man has already invested most of his personal funds. Mae basically says this is your problem, not mine, so no thank you. In her mind, James created the problems, so he must deal with the consequences.

Grace arrives at the prison and runs into the D.A. (the same one who chose not to try Grace for manslaughter, as he quickly reminds her). He doesn’t appreciate her working on the case, and he’s acting like he’s not buying the abuse story (yet another example of a woman’s trauma not being believed). According to him, there’s no admissible evidence that the husband abused the woman. He threatens Grace about helping Hunter, insinuating that he or a colleague could revisit her case. Despite his warning and the recurring images of Mac’s death, Grace later decides to help Coralie, starting with bailing her out of prison.

Percy Lee calls Charity because he needs a last-minute singer for a memorial. All he’s got are organ music and Spotify, but they’d be better than Charity in the mood she’s in. She does decide to go it. It could be a new career. She can sing gloomy songs to match her mood.

Kerissa and Jacob fight about how strict Mae is being with Zora. Jacob thinks his mom knows what she’s doing with the tough love approach. Kerissa is worried Zora will leave now that she’s 18. Kerissa is right, of course, but the girl was going to leave even if she did get to go to Hamilton. Kerissa makes the point that if Mae knew what she was doing, it wouldn’t have taken me two decades Kerissa to get Jacob acting right. Insinuating that you must parent your husband and did a better job than his mama is not the kind of thing you say to get him to agree with you.

Bishop is signing the budget sheets and notices a line item for security. He asks Mae why she’s having the event at Calvary and why she needs security. James wants to make sure Mae remembers the deal. Mae responds with her signature saintly shade, talking about how she’ll go where the Lord leads her, and James should do the same.

We haven’t seen Tasha in a while, but here she is getting Jacob to sign more papers. She notices something is wrong with him and encourages him to talk to her. He talks about how someone (*cough* Kerissa! *cough*) treats him like the person he used to be, but he’s not that guy anymore. Jacob is tired of Kerissa not letting him forget his past mistakes. Tasha thinks a good follow up to that admission is a hug. Not a sideways church hug. Nope. A front-facing, body-to-body hug that she follows up with a kiss. The first kiss is followed by a longer one that Jacob initiates.

Meanwhile, as his son is making out with his enemy’s wife, Bishop is meeting with the enemy’s sister. He gives Rochelle more money, which must have come from the joint account. The Greenleafs are officially broke.

On his way home Jacob checks himself out in the rear view mirror to make sure he doesn’t look guilty or have any lipstick on his face. He wipes off the lipstick on a white t-shirt he found in the back of his car. (I’m sure that’s going to get him in trouble at some point.)

Percy and Charity talk about how she feels drained being around everyone’s grief. How does Percy deal with soaking in the energy of the people who come into his business on the worst event of their lives? He drinks. I thought maybe being at the funeral would have Charity thinking about others, but all she can think about is how they tire her out.

The caterer needs the deposit by close of business, and does Lady Mae have it? Nope, because James drained their joint account. Also, he left already so he can’t sign off on the expense for the church. Mae keeps her calm as much as she can during the embarrassing situation of two assistants looking to her while she realizes there’s something funny going on with her money.

Jacob takes a shower to clean the cheating vibes off him. He’s now on board with bringing Zora home. He claims he prayed about it, but of course it’s cheating man’s guilt. Kerissa apologizes. Jacobs says everyone makes mistakes. The thing about mistakes is there are levels to them. Jacob messed up big time because Kerissa is not Tasha’s biggest fan, and she already didn’t trust their interactions. A man will tell you you’re crazy and then go do the exact thing you suspected him of doing.

When Mae goes to speak to James, she has an explosive calmness about her. James says the account will have plenty of money in it in a couple of weeks. Mae tells James to leave tonight with all his stuff. When she says every last purple robe, I holler. Bishop does wear bright purple robes.

Sophia is in despair. She’s tearing pages out of the Bible and throwing them in the toilet. That’s not only disrespectful to the Bible, but what about the toilet? It doesn’t deserve the clog. She can’t forget how she felt when she rose out of the water at her baptismal, but she can’t love someone who treats her badly. She wants God to let her go so she can live her life. She makes God sound like the ex that sends “wyd” and “hey stranger” texts every couple of months and lurks on Instagram, liking pics because you forgot to block him.

Kerissa, Winky, and Jacob are leaving to get Zora. Kerissa wants Zora to go out into the world knowing her parents love and fully support her. Zora’s got a new look now. Her twist out is nice and full. She has makeup on. She’s got a cute dress on that is a good choice for seeing your boo for the first time in months. She tells Mae she won’t take over the Little Saints because she’s leaving in ten minutes.

How do you think Kerissa will find out about Tasha? Does Tasha really have feelings for Jacob, or is she enacting Rochelle’s plan? Comment below with your thoughts!

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