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“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: Judgment Day

“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: Judgment Day

This episode picks up after Mae told Grace she doesn’t know who Grace’s father is. Grace still wants answers, so she asks again. Mae’s answer is the same. She tells Grace to either use it against her now or never mention the issue again.

Jacob can’t reach Tasha, and he’s clearly stressed because he’s snapping at his wife. Kerissa wants to know who Jacob is really worried about—their family or Tasha. She points out that he has been too worried about Tasha to hug his wife and tell her everything will be okay. Jacob’s response to that is he’ll go over Basie and Tasha’s to see if Tasha will help him because she is their only way out of the mess.

At the Skanks residence, Rochelle is gloating to Tasha about her skill at gaslighting James. Basie interrupts, saying that Jacob will eventually come for Tasha, so they all need to go. Rochelle starts to leave, but yanks Tasha up when Tasha refuses to go. Tasha really thinks they’re going to leave her there. Basie doesn’t trust her and orders Rochelle to pack Tasha’s bag and meet him at some motel.

He also wants to know where the money is that Rochelle was supposed to give him. She pulls a suitcase full of money from under the couch. Tasha wants to know where it came from. She suspects it’s the money that Rochelle was supposed to invest for Bishop. (She really thought Rochelle invested the money?! Bless her heart.) Basie takes some of the money and promises to buy Tasha nice, shiny things, like she’s some puppy easily pacified by trinkets.

Grace calls her maybe little brother to ask his thoughts on a paternity test. He’s all for it. Grace wants to know if he told Kevin. Aaron says no, but he will probably have to because Kevin wants to know who is on the phone.

The lawyer expects James and Jacob to be charged with bank and wire fraud later in the week. He suggests Bishop claim cognitive dysfunction. Bishop refuses because that would be like saying he’s mentally unfit to lead Calvary. His main concern is keeping Calvary from Mae’s hands. He’s not worried about jail because he prayed on it and got a vision from God. Grace I not sure she believes in visions and comes to the same conclusion as Jacob, that Tasha is their only way out.

Grace and Aaron go for the paternity test. Of course, he told Kevin, which makes Grace worry about Charity and then Bishop finding out.

Jacob calls Grace to update her on his unsuccessful attempt to find Tasha. He says Tasha is gone and likely never coming back.

We can’t go an episode without checking in on the teen runaway. Zora is showing Isaiah the promotional video she made for him. He’s more focused on texting whoever (probably some girl). When he finally looks at it, he likes it and tells her to put it on the site. Oh, and pack his clothes while she’s at it. Zora is fed up with being errand girl and demands an official title. No, not the title of girlfriend. She wants to get paid, especially since Isaiah won’t “let” her go to college. Isaiah says he’ll talk to the label but orders her to start packing and belittles her.

Rochelle has her own bag packed and is fleeing her house. She gets a call from Coralie Hunter. Coralie’s oldest kid wants to be picked up from the foster home. Rochelle, who knows firsthand about foster homes, reminds Coralie that she cannot legally get her kids without permission from the courts. Rochelle has her guard down and thinks nothing of the coincidental timing of Coralie asking for money.

At Calvary, Deaconess Connie is meeting with the bishop who is head of the church organization she wants Calvary to join. James sees another threat to his leadership and makes it clear he’s still bishop, but Connie can do her little interviews.

Jacob and Grace are sitting in a car on a stakeout. Kerissa keeps calling and texting Jacob’s phone, which prompts Grace to ask why and Jacob to tell her about the kiss. Grace tells her brother he needs to grow up (I see no lies). It’s not like Jacob loves Tasha. As for Kerissa, the love isn’t as it once was, but it’s there.

They see Rochelle and Tasha pull up, so they go to the house. Tasha wants to use Coralie’s phone, but Rochelle is not letting Tasha out of her sight. Someone knocks. Rochelle asks if Coralie is expecting someone and orders her to not answer the door. Coralie does anyway and lets in Jacob and Grace. Tasha is glad to see her boo Jacob. She’s empowered now so Rochelle can say whatever she wants, but Tasha is staying with the Greenleafs.

Whoo chile the ghetto. Polished Rochelle is gone and nasty, vile, guttersnipe, knuck-if-you-buck Rochelle makes an appearance. She acts like she wants to fight Coralie, Tasha, and Grace. She says Tasha belongs to Basie, who pulled her from the gutter. She cusses Coralie out. She even calls Grace a whore, claiming she knows what Grace did in Phoenix.

Tasha is willing to testify to the FBI that same evening. Jacob and Tasha go wait in the car while Grace speaks with Coralie. Grace will tell the FBI that Coralie helped and will not rest until Coralie is back with her kids. I think they’re all underestimating the vindictiveness of Rochelle, who they let get away. Jacob tells Tasha he’s going to be faithful to his wife, but he hopes she will still talk to the FBI. Lucky for him, she will.

Praise the Lord, Zora is finally ready to leave Isaiah. She’s fed up with his crap and bored with him. He counters saying her sex is boring and he should have messed with Sophia instead. When he blocks her exit and throws her down, Zora gets bold and fights back. While he’s on the ground, she quickly whips out her phone and streams live so he won’t touch her.

James comes to see Mae. He lets her know about the resolution to the FBI situation. Then he tells her about Connie talking to bishop from Harmony & Hope Ministries. He thinks Mae trying to take Calvary sends the message that neither of them is fit to lead. Mae suggests he announce that she will be co-pastor. Bishop says no. Mae says she deserves. James knows. That’s why he won’t do it. He’s not a fan of her superiority complex. She is not God, just another sinner that he will not let judge him. He wants her to list her sins and say if they’re better or worse than his. Pride goes before a fall, he warns.

All that drama was just the first half, and this isn’t even the season finale.

The long-awaited event, Day with Lady Mae, has finally arrived and begins with liturgical dancers and Charity singing, later joined by Maxine.

Hearing Ms. Patti sing has been a highlight in the last few episodes. Now we get more than a few bars. This is a full duet. Maxine’s musical director/Charity’s potential bae does not appear to be in the congregation, so it seems she’s back to being single with no prospects. Grace is lingering in the back when she gets an email from the clinic. The paternity test results are in. Grace calls Aaron and asks him to come to church to view the results with her.

James is also not in the congregation. He sees Grace in the hall and asks how Mae’s event is going. He thanks her for loving and helping him and tears up as he tells his daughter how grateful he is for her. Grace is crying, too, but with the knowledge that she may not be his biological daughter.

Mae, I mean Pastor Greenleaf, is speaking about men who preach fear instead of encouragement. She’s calling out the pastors who focus on sin and not how Jesus bore the sins on the cross. She will be a new kind of preacher, one who teaches love not fear.

Jacob goes to see his wife. She can barely look at him. He tells her he loves her, which she says she knows. He talks about his conversation with Grace and his realization. He doesn’t use the right words, which he finds out later. A woman doesn’t want to hear decades into marriage that her husband just now realizes he loves her.

Mae is a dynamic preacher. The crowd is loving her. Bishop hears their cheers and applause as he gazes out of the window. He’s interrupted by Basie, who is pointing a gun at him. Basie says the only way to stop James is to kill him.

Meanwhile Grace and Aaron are deciding whether to view the results. Grace is hesitant to know because the truth may hurt her father. Aaron says they do not have to look, but Grace clicks the link.

James pleads with Basie, reminding him that justice is the Lord’s job.

Mae thanks Maxine for attending and talks about how Maxine told her the truth will set her free. She may be about to drop a truth bomb during service.

Kerissa is mad that she had to question if she was enough for her husband. Jacob keeps saying he now knows how he feels. He doesn’t get that the realization came too late. Kerissa wants a divorce, and right as she says it, Zora walks through the door.

Mae is preaching that the day of reckoning has come. Grace and Aaron walk in the sanctuary together. They’re in the balcony, so she can’t see them.

James tries to appeal to Basie’s preacher side, but he keeps moving closer. Basie is crying as he tells James to get ready to either say hi to Jesus or burn like his daddy.

Is this how Bishop is going to go out? Will Kerissa and Jacob salvage their marriage now that Zora is back? Comment below with your thoughts!

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