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Dating Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

Dating Doesn't Need To Be Expensive

When I think people’s ideas about what dating should and should not entail couldn’t get any worse, I’m always surprised. I don’t know if it’s social media or that men just aren’t being raised the same way anymore, but here we are. Per my usual routine, I was scrolling the interwebs and came across THEE ultimate troll post:


I just…the bar is so low it’s rolling on the floor. Grant it, I know this post was meant to troll and garner a reaction but after I posted this on my social media accounts, the responses I received were so interesting, and let’s be real, troubling, that I needed to offer some solid resolutions to this travesty. 

First, if you’re visiting a soup kitchen five days a week for meals and taking food from people who rely on those meals to survive, then you have issues. Dating should be the last thing on your mind and you should consider taking a step back from trying to foster new relationships and focus on elevating your financial health. And let’s be frank, taking someone on a “date” to a soup kitchen would garner a negative reaction out of anyone. There’s nothing bougie about that.

Expecting someone to be okay with going on a date at a soup kitchen is ridiculous.

Second, and here’s a little tip, you don’t have to shame women into going on an inexpensive date. Matter of fact, I guarantee you will receive the highest praise for thinking of something creative even if it is inexpensive. There are all types of activities and things you can do while you’re dating that don’t require large sums of money. Ditching super expensive dates can also help take the pressure off of you and your date, and it can be a welcome break from the normal. Go about it the right way, and generally, most people will be appreciative of any thought or effort you put into coordinating a date (and if they aren’t, then that’s on them).

Here are a few date suggestions that are fun and affordable:

  • Go to a wine tasting. Wineries are everywhere and usually offer good deals. If the weather sucks, buy two bottles of red wine and two bottles of white and do your own tasting at home.

  • Do a taco night. You both can divide and conquer different dishes and bring them together for a full meal. I’ve done this before and it’s a hit.

  • If you want the first date to be pretty laid back, go to lunch instead of dinner.

  • Have a picnic in the park. As cheesy as it sounds, the idea of sitting out on the grass is really cute.

  • Attend a paint and sip class. It gives you a chance to talk and actually work together in a somewhat intimate setting.

These are just a few ideas out of many that you can use when planning an affordable dating. Personally, I appreciate a break from traditional dates. Going to dinner and a movie is fine sometimes, but generally, is overplayed. I want to see you in different environments and see how you react in certain situations. It can also give both of us a chance to a get a fair assessment of one another. But let’s be real - expecting someone to be okay with going on a date at a soup kitchen is just ridiculous. Instead, why not take them to the soup kitchen to volunteer, and then head out for a walk. Stop shaming women for having any type of standard just because yours are incredibly low and sub par. 

I agree that it’s disheartening that dating has become about how much money gets spent and and who’s paying for what. There are people, particularly men, who feel like they are getting used for meals, but don’t subject anyone to meals at a soup kitchen and have the audacity to call it a date. No, you don’t have to spend a ton of money for a date, but put some thought and planning into whatever activity you decide to take your partner on. That will be appreciated, not calling someone bougie because they don’t want to take a meal away from someone else in need while you’re to lazy to plan an actual date.


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