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​“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Done Means Done

​“Greenleaf” Season 3 Episode 4 Recap: Done Means Done

In the opening scene, we see Lady Mae has gone to visit her old friend, Maxine Patterson, who graduated from Howard and went on to be a prominent pastor instead of getting her M.R.S. degree like Mae. Pastor Maxine is played by Patti Labelle, so it won’t be surprising if Maxine is one of those pastors who likes to sing on the pulpit, and we get to hear Patti sing.

Mae looks around at the images of Maxine’s accomplishments—books, inspirational videos, meeting the Pope and Barack Obama. Maxine has a spacious office (bigger than Bishop Greenleaf’s) that looks more like a living room. She’s got an assistant that can send for pork rinds. Pastor Maxine is clearly living her best life, and Mae is seeing what she could have had if she hadn’t given up her life for a man.

Maxine tells Mae that one thing a man can’t take from a woman is her degree. Mae is thinking about going back to school and starting her own church, but Maxine reminds her that she has a church. Like Mae’s lawyer, Maxine brings up the topic of what divorce means for first ladies. The pastor lives the high life, and the first ladies scrap for crumbs. Mae doesn’t have to be a crumb snatcher when she could take over the already existing church.

Mae arrives back in Memphis in time for the Bishop’s Round Table reception, an event to thank Calvary’s members, donors, and board for their service. She looks at the photo of she and James, hugged up like a happily married couple. She scowls at it, as if it was all a lie. James invited Jacob, allegedly because Clara, the Power Ball winner, likes Jacob. (James and Mae haven’t secured the bag, so they still must try to woo Clara.)  Mae suspects it’s a plan to win her back.

The first guest to arrive is Percy Lee, an old friend of James and Mae. Bishop confides in their friend about his marital problems, thinking Percy can help since he introduced James and Mae. Mae sees right through Bishop’s scheme and gives him a “you ain’t slick” look after questioning why Percy Lee is there. Not for the last time in the episode, Mae tells James they are done.

Grace spies Kevin, who is clearly crashing and demanding to know where Charity is. He called Jabari and found out Charity was not on tour. Grace calls Charity, who is lounging poolside at some hotel. She doesn’t think to screen Grace’s calls like she’s been ignoring Kevin’s. She has been gone over a week and has no plans to return soon, give her location, or talk to Kevin. So, Kevin tells Grace he’ll call the police. (He doesn’t have a custody agreement and has left the child before, but he wants to involve the authorities. Aaron warned him to only do that as a last resort.)

Jacob is tired of Zora’s behavior but is not open to Kerissa’s idea of a “behavior modification program” in Oregon. Kerissa argues that Zora needs professional help because they don’t know how to get through to her (and their earlier therapy session didn’t seem to work). To Jacob, that bootcamp is white people mind control stuff. Mae tries to find out what the heated conversation is about and doesn’t buy Kerissa’s excuse about overly sweet wine. Mae approaches Jacob when he’s by himself, and the mama’s boy tells her about the thievery and bootcamp even though his wife clearly doesn’t want Mae to know. Mae’s solution is for Zora to stay with her.

Bishop gives a toast and beckons Mae beside him. They’re still putting on a show, so she stands by him. Bishop starts quoting scriptures about two being better than one. With the other family members also beside him, he gives a speech about meeting a woman with a similar faith and how he’s never felt forsaken with Mae by his side. James intends to spend the next 44 years the same way he spent the last—in love. That’s sweet but not enough to keep a woman who feels she threw her life away by being with him.

Rochelle, who didn’t RSVP, enters just in time for the “what God has put together, let no man put asunder” part and the kiss that follows. Mae and James notice Rochelle, who gives a sly grin and a half-hearted clap. Any gains Bishop made with Mae are lost. Rochelle goes to talk with Grace, Darius, and Ms. Clara. She mentions that Ms. Clara should donate to Grace’s fund, but Clara says she’s already tied up with other Calvary obligations.

Bishop attempts to set boundaries with Rochelle. He tells her to give him the space he asked for. He is thinking about the optics, but Rochelle doesn’t care. She tells the Bishop she’s in love with him and feels hurt because he’s pushing her away. She brings up how he held her in his arms or gave her lusty looks. He thinks he’s been clear and apologizes for giving her false hope. She plays hurt and walks away, again giving Mae a salty look. That draws other guests’ attention, as people watch her leave and turn to look at the Bishop.

Mae is mad. She doesn’t even want to talk to James. She’s done, done, done. Bishop sighs and leans on the wall next to another portrait of them. The room is filled with images of a happy couple, but that illusion is unraveling.

Before Rochelle leaves, she gives Clara the idea to vet the IRS donation to make sure she’s protected. Clara later tells Mae that she wants her “money people” to meet with the Greenleafs to review the transfer of funds. Mae knows this request is not a good sign.

Kerissa is angry that Jacob discussed the issue with his mother. She should know who she married. Jacob wants to go the black people route. When kids don’t act right, you send them to grandma not to strangers.

Sofia and her boyfriend, Roberto, are in the car. Glances turn to kisses, accompanied by roaming hands. Sofia eventually stops him. He says he’s not mad, but we know where this is going. Her abstinence is going to be an issue. Back in the house, Zora is using Sofia’s computer. Sofia opens her computer to show Zora what the Bible says about waiting until marriage but then confronts Zora about IM’ing Isaiah. Zora lashes out and says that being around Sofia is draining. She challenges Sofia’s beliefs, viewing her Bible talk as overcompensation.

Sofia tells Zora the “pile of trash” (Isaiah) is blocking her happiness. Now, you can’t talk about the man your friend is obsessed with and not be ready to at least get a shoe thrown at you, Cardi-Nicki style. Zora’s response is to call Sofia “God’s little bitch.” Those are fighting words, and Sofia stands up like she’s ready to scrap. Zora threatens to slap her, but Sofia pushes first and starts the shoving match. Kerissa walks in, breaks it up, and sees the open laptop. Zora has been talking to Isaiah about running away with him when she turns 18. The girl disrespects Kerissa, getting in her face, so by the end of the episode, Zora is sent to stay with Mae.

The article about James being named in the IRS probe is out. Deaconess Connie asks Grace about running a church not in the Open and Inclusive Coalition. They don’t agree on faith, but Connie knows a Greenleaf should run Calvary. She tells Grace the deacons may choose Grace as head pastor.

Charity is singing “I Will Survive” in the hotel lounge while cute little Nathan is nearby. Two police officers arrive and ask Charity to come with them. We’ll see if she survives a night in jail.

Do you think Grace will take over Calvary? Will Kevin get custody of Nathan? Comment below with your thoughts.

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