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“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Moving Onward & Upward

“Insecure” Season 3, Episode 6 Recap: Moving Onward & Upward

We’re picking up right where we left off. Issa and Lawrence (and Slurpee-sipping Chad) are at a 7-11 in Palm Springs. This is the first time they’ve been in the same place since Lawrence stopped by The Dunes at the end of season two. I must say Lawrence is looking mighty fine in this scene. We can only hope to look this good and blessed when running into our own exes. The two exchange pleasantries. I mean...they did end on a good note last season. Lawrence has been living his best life since he wore that Carl Thomas sweater—killing it at work, working out, being there for Chad after being left on his wedding day, and having lots of sex.

Cocochella might actually happen, y’all. Issa is taking the necessary steps with the city to make it happen. I appreciate how Issa is actively working on her entrepreneurial wishes while she’s in between full-time jobs. She’s got more than an idea, UNLIKE SOME PEOPLE WE KNOW FROM SEASON ONE. Issa is being quite ambitious. She wants to plan this event in a month. The city is like nah. Issa’s dream of doing something dope for her neighborhood is crushed just a little bit, but she’s got Nathan and his continued encouragement. I must say Nathan is looking snackier this episode than he has the last two episodes. Why is HBO pouring so many blessings this week?

Molly is back at work not messing up. How nice.

Issa and Nathan are brainstorming for Cocochella in the bed. Issa is the only one brainstorming. Nathan’s mind is elsewhere. He doesn’t hold back when he tells Issa he’s really into her. This is so refreshing—telling someone exactly how you feel when you feel it. Directness is sexy. The feelings are mutual. I’m happy for Issa. She’s following her passion, and hitting it off famously with a man who supports her and pushes her out of her comfort zone. This is TV though, so the clock is ticking on this bliss.

Directness is sexy.

Since Lawrence is back, we might as well see what he’s up to. He’s got a whole (not a half) STI. He’s doing the honorable thing by notifying his past sexual partners. This baby blue tufted velvet couch is beautiful.

While Issa is managing properties (read: hosing dog poop off of the concrete), she gets a message from Lyft that she’s under investigation for that Party Lyft assault at the beginning of the season. The side gig is officially at stake. How are you going to live, Issa?

Asian zaddy is back, and also looking good. He’s returning Molly’s jacket from Coachella. It looks dry cleaned and pressed. Classy and direct in his own right. He asks Molly out on a date, but Molly brushes him off. Ugh. I’m so annoyed with Molly. Hanging out with Issa and Kelli at the crib later in the day, Molly says that she’s not interested in going out with Andrew (or anyone outside her race), because she sees herself marrying a Black guy. Molly makes good points!) She doesn’t have the bandwidth to teach a crash course in Blackness, and 2) Other races mostly date and marry “in,” so why can’t she? I feel you on both points, but it’s 2018. I need you to be open-minded and let the blind and lowkey unreciprocated allegiance to Black men go. It’s just one date.

Issa shares her excitement for Nathan with Molly and Kelli. The second you show excitement for someone with others, things will go south soon after. One week, it’s “I met this guy.” The next week, it’s “Fuck him.” Issa also shares her business idea with the girls. The name of her business needs work, according to Molly and Kelli’s uncontrollable laughter.

Post-Chlamydia Lawrence is seeking bad advice from Chad at a bar somewhere. Chad is never in a position to give good advice, but he’s really not in a good position to do so right now. The wounds of the called-off wedding are still fresh. Cooler heads prevail when Derek meets up with them at the bar. He’s feeling great about impending fatherhood and exposing double standards about cheating

This is exactly how I imagined Bougie Baby Boy Dubois’ baby shower to be! I like it. Come to find out, Tiffany had a whole (not a half) planning committee of friends who aren’t Issa, Molly and Kelli. Tiffany’s been vocal about being left out, but damn. She got some married and pregnant friends real quick. It be like that sometimes to be honest. Sometimes you need some friends who are going through what you’re going through.

Who commissioned these Serena Williams, Beyonce and Cardi B-inspired portraits of Tiffany? Who do I need to call the Better Business Bureau on?

Boo! Nathan is officially a ghost. One day, you’re telling someone you like them a lot. The next several days, you’re a missing person. It also be like that sometimes.

Lawrence and Dro are also at this co-ed baby shower. Issa and Molly decide not to be petty, so they attempt to make small talk with their respective exes. Issa and Lawrence get along pretty well. Issa tells Lawrence that she’s working on a business, and she’s proud of him for turning his life around. Lawrence offers well wishes and assistance in return. Two seconds into their exchange, Molly and Dro realize that their chapter is closed for good. Bye, Dro!

Kelli has arrived, and The Crazy Crew doesn’t approve of her Al B. Sure cupcakes. This isn’t about cupcakes. Kelli is losing her best friend, and she’s sad about it. When she confronts Tiffany about why Issa, Molly and her weren’t on the baby shower planning committee, Tiffany doesn’t dice words. Issa and Molly didn’t offer to help at all. Kelli, who did offer to help, couldn’t possibly plan a baby shower, because she’s not a mother and doesn’t have the range. THE NERVE. This friendship is over.

Back inside, Issa professes she’s officially over Lawrence. She still has love and respect for him, which is understandable. BRAVO! Molly would be over Dro too if Candace didn’t pop up at this baby shower. Candace is cordial with both Issa and Molly. This is really an open marriage because Candace continues to be unphased by Molly. Candace’s presence is what Molly needed to take a leap of faith and reach back out to Andrew. I’m rooting for you, girl! You need this, even if it’s just a way to get over Dro. While Candace is coming, Lawrence is going. He definitely has love and respect for Issa as well, but it looks like he might want that old thing back.

Issa and Molly are sticking together during the entire baby shower. They need to brave this unknown territory of marriage and parenthood together. While washing glasses in the kitchen, Tiffany comes in inquiring about Kelli’s whereabouts. Issa and Molly lie horribly. Tiffany doesn’t need the truth. She knows it. Moving on to hotter tea, Tiffany prematurely shares the Penas are expecting their first child. Molly is devastated.

Nathan doesn’t have time to answer Issa’s calls or texts, but he made time to talk with Lyft about the Party Lyft assault? Bet.

Have you ever gotten to a good place with an ex? If so, how long did it take, and under what circumstances? Comment below!

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