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Who You Calling Stupid?

Who You Calling Stupid?

Recently, the Washington Post published an article entitled “We are a deeply stupid country,” in which the author sarcastically illustrates Trump’s line of thinking about the country he currently presides over. He’s a genius, we’re dumb, blah blah blah. At the end the author closes with, “ If Trump is right — and he is so smart that he must be — then this could mean Americans wanted exactly what they are getting right now: a president who burns alliances, insults allies, sides with Putin over the American government, ignores Russia’s abuses and bashes the free press across Europe. If so, if we Americans really did want this, Trump has proved his point about our intelligence.”

My reply to this: WOOOOOOOW. You don’t say?


Listen, this article is a little late. It should have been written the day after Trump was elected, and that’s just facts. If it wasn’t written then, there have been plenty of other opportunities. Maybe when we announced he wanted to waste money on a military parade. Or when he kept denying that Russia interfered in the 2016 Election. Or when he made an ass of himself at the G-7 summit. Or when he’s postured and threatened world leaders who we know have more credibility than him. Or when he authorized the Muslim ban. Or when he kept going on and on about that damn wall at the border. Or when he started forcibly separating immigrant families and allowed children to be kept in cages (the article doesn’t even mention that, but whatever).

It has taken this man refusing to incriminate his homey Putin and believing Russian intelligence over his own government for folks to realize that this man is trash and that our country as a whole is dumb as hell. *Drake sigh*

I think the author is correct in his final assessment that Americans really did want this. The warning signs were there all along and most Americans completely ignored them. They used half assed excuses like “But her emails…” and “She’s corrupt…” to dignify their selection of Trump and other third party candidates during the 2016 election. Side note: I don’t care what anyone says. Third party voters, Susan Sarandonn and Jill Stein are as much as blame for this hot shit show that we’re currently living in now as Trump voters. And that’s just the bottom line because Stone Cold said so.

Even after the election, some people stuck to statements like “Maybe he won’t be that bad” and “It’s only four years” instead of facing the extremely fucked up situation that just occurred. Now, after all of the horrible stunts that he’s pulled, the things that he has said, and the things that he has NOT said, most Americans have decided that choosing Russia over the U.S. is the final straw. Yeah, y’all really are that dumb.

Notice how I said “y’all” there because I’m not referring to myself. As a black woman, I would ask this author, “Who you calling stupid?” Per my last email, 94 percent of black women voted for Hillary in the last election. The majority of them probably didn’t vote for her because they liked her, but they made that decision after recognizing and accepting the need to do it for the greater good.

Dr. Brittney Cooper, author of Eloquent Rage and co-editor of The Crunk Feminist Collection, recently stated that she believes that black women are the saviors of this country, and I haven’t seen any evidence to the contrary. We have more intuition, vision, and forethought than any other group of people in this country, and we have been attempting to use these skills to advance the well being of everyone around us for centuries. If you need a recent example, just look at how black women are appealing to the DNC to include more of us in their decisions and encouraging them to focus more on women voters. So far, they have been ignoring us and it’s something that’ll come back to bite them in the ass in 2020. We have become known as the "ideal American voters" and we have realized the power of said votes. As we approach the mid-term elections, black women are running for office, mobilizing in grassroots organizations, and taking to the streets to let our voices be heard. We will no longer be silenced because we clearly can't trust y’all to do what needs to be done. Auntie Maxine didn't stand at that podium and tell folks to "shoot straight" just for kicks and giggles. We're coming for you.  

So no, I’m not going to go along with this assessment that we are a stupid country. Yes, y’all are stupid, and it’s evident that some of y’all will continue to be stupid. But as far as black women? Nah, miss me with that bullshit.

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